What is verified phd id?

    It is an international identification that has a unique numerical alphabetical ID for each PhD holder to verify their doctorate in a unique and trusted way. It works closely with the International Standard Certificate Number “ISCN” whose role is to verify the PhD of anyone who is applying to get an ID, as a documentation for his/her doctorate, through our system. This ID is created using a certain algorithm that is aligned with an international unified system to guarantee the uniqueness of this ID and the credibility of the PhD. This ID is made in a way that makes it easy to be read and understood by individuals and entities. It is composed of 3 integrated parts. The first part consists of 3 letters that indicate the country of the ID owner. The second part is an abbreviation to the doctorate itself. The third part is the code that is given to the PhD holder after verifying his/her doctorate with ISCN. There is an electronic gateway that reads the ID and gives detailed information about the PhD holder of this ID. PhD holders can use this electronic gateway to build their own profile that has all their experiences, research and scientific works…etc. They also can continuously add to their profile and adjust it the way they like. This provides a safe and documented platform through which each PhD holder has an ID that gives free access to anyone at any time to read all the information about the owner of this ID. It is attached to a certain QR that is easy to be read. This ID provides a solution to the problem of fake and forged PhDs since PhDs are not published before verifying their credibility and integrity with the ISCN. It also prevents the dispersion of all the scientific works around the world since it provides one platform that gathers all these works. Additionally, it gives a unique ID for each one where no one else has this ID. Therefore, it solves the problem of similarity of names since personal names are not unique and even the full name of one person could be written with different orders and abbreviations according to the norms and conventions of each country. Accordingly, this unique ID can verify the credibility and integrity of PhD holders and provides all their scientific works in no time.